Winterizing Your Plumbing to Prevent Burst Pipes

Burst water pipes usually occur in the wintertime when frozen water in the line expands and causes the pipe to break causing flooding inside or outside of the home.  This is very common in Tuolumne County, especially when you start traveling up the hill to higher elevations.

Cracked pipes can cause major flooding to homes and basements which can incur thousands upon thousands of dollars in water damage.  Additionally, affected pipes can be difficult to locate under homes. Damage can occur in your yard, below your foundation or behind your walls which can later cause mold issues. A Robertson Plumbing will be able to pinpoint the source of your leak and begin the water abatement process immediately. Searching for the source of your leak, even after you’ve turned off your main, will give water additional time to seep into vulnerable parts of your home. Robertson Plumbing will also be able to recommend repairs in the case of damaged flooring, drywall or foundation.

The most important way to prevent burst water pipes it to be proactive and prevent them from happening in the first place.  The home owner can protect outside water faucets by putting inexpensive protective covers over each faucet when the temps will drop below 32 degrees.  Additionally Robertson Plumbing can come to your home and inspect under your home for pipes vulnerable to cold temps and make recommendations to prevent burst water pipes.

Winterizing Checklist:

  1. Prepare your outdoor faucets.  Remove and drain your water hoses and store them indoors before the first freeze to protect them from cracking or bursting. Be sure to place foam or other insulated covers over your faucets during the wintertime when temps go to or below 32 degrees.
  2. Fix leaks now.  Inspect your pipes and have any leaks repaired.
  3. Wrap any water pipes in unheated areas of the home.  Visit the hardware store and grab some heat tape and/or pipe insulation.  Protecting the pipes in your home, from low temperatures is the single most important thing that you can do.
  4. Tune up your water heater.  You will want to drain and maintain your water heater at this time every year.  It’s a little harder to do yourself but we are glad to help!  Just give us a call.
  5. Service your furnace.  Make sure you have clean filters and call a professional to help with major repairs.  Freezing night temps mean pipes could freeze.  If they do, call us!
  6. Selling your home or preparing your second mountain home for the winter?  Shut off the water, in your home, completely and consider contacting us to drain your pipes.  Any water left in your pipes is at risk of freezing and causing pipes to burst.  If nobody is home, the damage can be widespread and severe since the water can flood your home.
  7. Call Robertson Plumbing!  If you have questions or concerns, contact us for help.

Call Robertson Plumbing at (209) 532–9172 to make sure your home is ready for the cold temps.